Render: blending art, economics, and performance
An ideal balance of economics, functionality and creative design is crucial to your choice of facade systems. In this context, the StoVentec Render ventilated rainscreen-cladding system combines particularly good efficiency with broad scope for individual design on new-build or refurbished buildings..


  1. Sub-construction: 
    Sub-construction consisting of stainless steel brackets and aluminum T-profiles to fix the carrier boards in place. Anchored in the substrate with dowels approved for general applications by the building inspector.
  2. Insulation:
    Mineral Wool
    Thermal insulation board made of non-combustible mineral fibre. Thickness variable according to thermal insulation requirements.
  3. Render carrier board:
    StoVentec  R carrier board
    Render Carrier board provides a quick and high-quality solution especially for moist or extreme substrates and combines this with the benefit of a seamless surface. Render Carrier board consists of 95% post consumer recycled glass content. It’s granules are fused together and contains mesh reinforcement on both sides, thickness 12mm
  4. Reinforcement fibre plaster:
    Sto base coat
    Ready-to-use bonding and reinforcing compound. Highly expandable, crack resistant, highly resistant to mechanical stress.
  5. Reinforcing mesh:
    Sto reinforcing mesh
    Alkali-resistant reinforcing mesh, non-shifting with optimized capacity to absorb forces.
  6. Top coat:
    Sto textured finish
    Cement-free, ready-to-use finishing plasters. Highly weather resistant, minimal susceptibility to soiling, highly elastic, resistant to mechanical stress. Film-conserved far enhanced resistance to micro-organisms.
Modern Architecture would be inconceivable without the necessary versatility in the field of facade design. StoVentec Render produces new creative scopes for all tastes and all types of buildings.
The low coefficient of expansion of expanded glass granulate and the low modulus of elasticity of the carrier board ensure that changes in temperature give rise to only very minimal forces in the joints of the boarding. This minimises the risk of cracking. This is crucial to producing dependable large-area facades.
Seamless, curved surfaces produce dynamic, sweeping effects: Apart from retaining sufficient mobility to absorb shocks even under the greatest levels of stress, StoVentec Render‘s outstanding malleability allows it to provide the perfect facing even for curved surfaces.
A facade that is designed solely to stun will only impress at first glance. StoVentec Render adds function, dependability, and durability to produce the perfect integration of form and function.

Specialty Finishes

Stolit® Milano is a very fine, extremely workable finish for interior or exterior wall surfaces that yields more coverage than comparable products on the market.

Stolit® Milano

Sto Limestone Finish is a lightweight and easily installed decorative wall finish that provides the look and feel of natural stone at a fraction of the expense.

Sto Limestone

Sto GraniTex is an acrylic-based interior and exterior wall finish, formulated for durability and low maintenance in new construction and renovation.

Sto GraniTex

Sto Decocoat is a ready-mixed, decorative and protective wall coating composed of fine variegated aggregate encased in a pure acrylic binder.

Sto Decocoat

Sto Creativ® Granite is an acrylic-based interior and exterior wall finish, formulated for durability and low maintenance for new construction or renovation.

Sto Creativ® Granite

Sto Creativ® Lux is a refreshingly new wall finish that combines the texture and depth of natural stone with the added luster of reflective materials at a fraction of the cost of real stone or metal.

Sto Creativ® Lux

StoTique provides a mottled, antiqued or old world type of appearance over Sto finishes.


Sto Creativ® Brick is a decorative wall finish system that can be used over any Sto cladding to achieve the classic look of brick without any added expense or structural requirement.

Sto Creativ® Brick

Standard Finishes









StoColor 800

The foundation of color for Sto since 1965, this collection of 800 colors was formulated as a direct complement to the range of human visual perception.

View StoColor 800

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