Unique coatings inspired by nature.

Some people believe that all coatings are generally the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. At Sto®, we have a long, proven history of developing innovative coating technologies. Now, we’ve developed a group of architectural coatings that provide more value by providing more functionality. Sto Intelligent Technology + Design™ (iQ Technology) interweaves innovation with design to offer high performance coatings with unique attributes based on biomimicry principles that enhance aesthetics and improve occupant comfort.

Sto offers high performance coatings that employ iQ Technology: StoColor® Dryonic® and StoColor® Lotusan®. The functionality behind each of these coatings is inspired by nature and designed to address the true needs of a building, not just the standards. Because these coatings deliver improved function through optimized product attributes, property owners will realize greater durability and lower lifecycle costs.

Sto’s customizable finish solutions invite you to experience unlimited aesthetic possibilities:

  • StoColor® Dryonic®.  Microorganisms can settle when the facade is wet, for example from rain, dew or fog. StoColor® Dryonic® helps prevent these organisms from settling. The microstructure of the coating that is the basis of the patented Dryonic® Technology ensures that dew or rainwater drains off in record time so that the facade can dry as quickly as possible. Algae and fungi do not stand a chance, even in damp climates.
  • StoColor® Lotusan® Equipped with the unique self-cleaning properties of the Lotus-Effect® Technology, StoColor® Lotusan® keeps facades clean and protects them from algae and fungi in a sustainable way. The microtextured and super-hydrophobic surface maintains an extremely small contact area for dirt and water. The dirt particles, which are loosely adhered to the surface, are simply carried away by the rain.

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