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“Color is life; for a world without color appears to us dead”   Johannes Itten

It is an undeniable truth that color is a celebration and one to which we contribute daily. Our efforts remain firmly grounded in our corporate philosophy, and we aspire to continually improve our products and services. Sto’s focus on color, its value, its continuity and its consistence contribute to the goals we share with the design and building community. Whether providing industry leading delivery of quality color formulas and samples, or a Sto Studio rendering, assisting in decision making processes we will always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

The Sto Color System is a unique planning tool for the use of color in architecture:

  • Quick and easy to understand thanks to a clear, logical system construction.
  • Reliable application of design through a harmonic, finely nuanced selection of colors for facade and interior use.
  • Ergonomic perception oriented presentation media for all phases of color design.
The Sto Color Collections

*  These collections are applicable to StoSignaturestandard finishes and coatings.

** This collection is applicable to StoColor Climasan.

Specialty Finishes Collections
StoVentec Glass Color Chart
~ How StoColor Works ~






Primary Colors

Human perception is primarily able to distinguish the colors yellow, orange, red, violet, blue and green. Human perception of color forms the foundation of the StoColor System.

Secondary Colors

The six primary perception areas are each mixed out into four further color levels. The result is the twenty-four part color wheel that forms the basis of the StoColor System.

Mix out colors

Known as the five color rows of the twenty-four basic colors, each basic color possesses five color rows mixed out according to the principle of a same-color triangle resulting in 800 total colors.

Please note: The colors presented on this chart are representations. Actual color of manufactured product may vary slightly from the chart. Color perception is affected by degree of gloss, texture, and lighting conditions. For best results always request a product sample, select color under natural lighting conditions, and construct full scale job site mock ups for final color approval. Minor shade variations may occur from batch to batch (refer to batch no. on pail). Avoid installing separate batches side-by-side and avoid application in direct sunlight. Avoid installing new finish adjacent to weathered or aged finish. Sto Corp. will not be responsible for shade or color variation from batch to batch, variation caused by application or substrate deficiencies, or fading resulting from natural causes such as weather.

See Sto Tech Hotline Nos. 0694-C for helpful tips on prevention of color problems.
For Continuous Insulation (ci) select colors with light reflectance value of 20 or greater.

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