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Sto has moved beyond the look of basic stucco to deliver new opportunities for creativity. Today, you can replicate virtually any look – including brick, granite, limestone and metal – with Sto Specialty Finishes. Our finishes are lightweight and easier to install than traditional cladding materials, which means reduced structural requirements, fewer specialty trades and greater cost savings. These cost-effective aesthetic options also increase energy efficiency and moisture protection for your buildings. For the customization you want, coupled with the cost savings and performance you need, choose Sto Specialty Finishes.


StoSignature is a virtually endless blend of color, texture, profiles, and effects utilizing Sto products that create customizable finished surfaces that can be applied to any Sto wall system. StoSignature makes it easier than ever to create a signature look the world has never seen before.

    Sto Standard Finishes

Discover unprecedented design flexibility with our Standard Finishes for Continuous Insulation (EIFS) and Stucco Systems.

    Sto Studio

Sto Studio is a unique visual service that facilitates design and colour decisions with professional-grade renderings.

StoCast Wood

Lightweight, flexible, resin cast wood grain planks that create an authentic wood appearance. Planks are easy to apply and can be stained with StoColor® Wood Stain in a wide range of colors in glossy or matte finish or may be coated with any of Sto’s high performance architectural coatings. StoCast is a durable, realistic and low maintenance alternative to natural or engineered wood cladding.

StoCast Brick

StoCast Brick are prefabricated render finish shapes that replicate the look of brick or masonry and can be used over any Sto cladding and prepared exterior surface such rainscreen claddings, stucco or continuous insulation systems (StoTherm ci). The shapes are custom designed to truly achieve a one-of-a-kind look. Sto-Ecoshapes Vintage is offered in over 300 standard colors.

The designer selects the size of the shape, color(s) and texture(s), the applicator will receive ready-to-apply shapes. The application is simple: Sto Bonding & Pointing Mortar is troweled on to the wall surface, the shapes are embedded into it and the same Bonding & Pointing Mortar is used as grout.
Sto bonding and Pointing Mortar comes in 9 standard colors.

StoColor Metallic

StoColor® Metallic offers the ability to achieve a metallic panel look with a variety of color and texture options. All 15 standard colors can be applied over smooth or textured surfaces offering the versatility to create a custom look while utilizing standard finishes. The coating system features StoColor Metallic Top Coat, a lightweight, breakthrough new acrylic-based coating with metallic effect pigments, applied over StoColor Metallic Base. It’s the combination of the two layers that creates the luminous depth, allowing subtle light-induced color shifts to produce a dynamic metal look. Used over prepared vertical, above grade StoTherm® ci Systems, and interior drywall surfaces, it offers the aesthetic appeal of metal panels at a fraction of the cost.

Stolit® Milano

Stolit® Milano is a very fine, extremely workable finish for interior or exterior wall surfaces that yields more coverage than comparable products on the market. In just two to three coats, this versatile finish can achieve multiple decorative looks, from a fine grit texture to the industrial feel of ultra-smooth metallic panels. Highly breathable and mildew resistant, Stolit® Milano can also be top coated to provide additional abrasion protection.

Sto GraniTex

Sto GraniTex is an acrylic-based interior and exterior wall finish, formulated for durability and low maintenance in new construction and renovation. Sto GraniTex is spray-applied and available in a range of colour combinations designed to look and feel like natural stone. Sto GraniTex may be used as a finish coating in Sto cladding systems, including StoTherm ci® Classic.


  • Accessory Product

    Sto Clear Coat Sealer

    Sto Clear Coat Sealer is an acrylic based exterior/interior topcoat sealer that provides a slight gloss. Use it to protect vertical, above grade, applications of Sto GraniTex, Sto Decocoat and StoCreativ® Granite finishes and to enhance colour and fade resistance of StoTherm ci® finishes and Sto Coatings.


Sto Decocoat

Sto Decocoat is a ready-mixed, decorative and protective wall coating composed of fine variegated aggregate encased in a pure acrylic binder. Sto Decocoat is used as an interior or exterior coating over prepared concrete, masonry, plaster or drywall surfaces.


  • Accessory Product

    Sto Acrylic Urethane Sealer

    Sto Acrylic Urethane Sealer is a two component acrylic/urethane-based topcoat sealer. Use it to protect Sto Decocoat®, stamped concrete, and exposed aggregate concrete.


StoCreativ® Granite

StoCreativ® Granite is an acrylic-based interior and exterior wall finish, formulated for durability and low maintenance for new construction or renovation. It is trowel-applied and designed to give the look of cut or polished granite, but in a versatile, lightweight finish coating.

StoCreativ® Lux

StoCreativ® Lux is a refreshingly new wall finish that combines the texture and depth of natural stone with the added luster of reflective materials at a fraction of the cost of real stone or metal. This lightweight, trowel-applied finish is extremely versatile and can be used in interior and exterior design applications. Available in 6 different looks, this durable finish can be applied even onto very intricate architectural shapes.


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StoTique provides a mottled, antiqued or old world type of appearance over Sto finishes.


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