StoVentec™ Rainscreen® Wall Systems

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StoVentec™ Systems are a complete, fully-tested, and code-approved high-performance ventilated Rainscreen® system. This includes a best-in-class air and moisture barrier, robust mineral wool continuous insulation, the most installer-friendly, adjustable sub-framing system available, and – of course – amazing StoVentec™ Rainscreen® cladding.

Other manufacturers only offer a wall component (e.g., a cladding, sub-framing, an insulation, an air and moisture barrier, etc.) leaving it up to architects and contractors to work out the details for how these various bits and pieces should all come together.

Our Featured Systems

StoVentec Glass

StoVentec Glass is a ventilated Rainscreen® wall system consisting of durable, opaque glass-faced panels, thermal insulation, sub-construction, and a continuous air and moisture barrier. Cladding panels faced with back-painted or digitally-printed glass are available in a wide range of sizes and in 63 standard colors.


High-performance smooth, reflective glass aesthetic.

Fully code compliant, blast resistant.

Premium rainscreen performance.

High performance fluid-applied air moisture barrier.

Subconstruction compensates for substrate imperfections.

Bright colors permanently fused into glass available in 63 standard colors and a wide range of sizes.

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StoVentec Render

StoVentec™ Render ventilated Rainscreen® system combines thermal insulation, sub-construction and air and moisture barrier to provide superior weather tightness, thermal performance and fire protection. Sto’s broad line of architectural finish options provide the widest range of textures, patterns and colors. The StoVentec carrier board is a unique board that combines lightweight and high compressive strength and allows for seamless walls and curved surfaces that can’t be achieved with other claddings.  


Premium rainscreen performance.

High performance fluid-applied air moisture barrier.

Subconstruction compensates for substrate imperfections.

Able to easily create radiused surfaces.

Noncombustible mineral wool insulation.

No visible sealant joints.

Use with a variety of Sto premium Standard & Specialty Finishes

Explore our vast catalog of available colors. Visit StoColor 

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StoVentro™ Sub-construction System

StoVentro™ Sub-construction is an adjustable, thermally efficient structural system of brackets, rails, fasteners, and accessories for StoVentec Systems and other rainscreen wall cladding assemblies. Safe and long-lasting, the sub-construction absorbs both the wind loads and dead loads present on the facade. Alongside structural suitability, the design of the sub-construction incorporates corrosion resistance and a reduction in thermal bridging, while also being quick and easy to install.


Structural system that carries dead load of cladding and resists wind load

Adjustable to allow for irregularities of substrate

Stainless steel brackets minimize thermal bridging

Sliding point connections accommodate thermal expansion and contraction

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