Glass: smooth, reflective, brilliant

StoVentec Glass is a ventilated rainscreen cladding system consisting of a glass faced composite panel, thermal insulation and sub-construction. It is available in many panel sizes and different surface colors and finishes, offering great aesthetic potential for façade designs on new-build or refurbished buildings.

Properties of StoVentec Glass

  • For internal and external use
  • Huge design potential – colors and shapes
  • Simple and quick installation in all weathers
  • Tested against impact, fire and smoke emission
  • Technically superior composite construction on an inert, unique backer panel
  • Bespoke panel formats available in sizes up to 4.5m long
  1. Substrate
  2. Thermal insulation
  3. Sub-construction
  4. Agraffe profiles
  5. StoVentec Glass Panel
Individually manufactured panels, offering a wide range of shapes and an even more impressive range of colors. Part of our manufacturing process includes the fusing of colors on to the back of the glass, before the toughening process. The color melts into the glass providing permanent colored glass panels that will not wear, scratch, fade or incur water damage. Sto can also match to almost any color.
Utilizes both aluminium and stainless steel for the sub-construction. This provides a strong and durable system, which is also light-weight and comparatively inexpensive, but ultimately fulfills the thermal performance required. The sub-construction is also adjustable for levelling uneven substrates.
Glass is not only a remarkable material in terms of appearance, but also due to its design flexibility. Panels can be supplied in square, rectangular, trapezium and parallelogram shapes, and glass panels can be cut to incorporate lighting or control panels.
You will receive a bespoke system, manufactured to your requirements, including sub-construction design, joint detailing and penetrations, and advice on the most cost effective way to achieve your design.

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