StoPanel MVES

StoPanel MVES

StoPanel® MVES ci is an engineered insulating wall system with Adhered Masonry Veneer (AMV) – thin brick, natural stone, ceramic tile, or cultured stone. It combines superior air and weather tightness with excellent thermal performance and durability. It incorporates continuous exterior insulation and a continuous air/moisture barrier with Sto high strength masonry veneer adhesive.


System Bulletin


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        System information:

        1 Frame: Steel
        2 Sheathing
        3 Air & Moisture Barrier - Wall Membrane: Sto Gold Coat®
        4 Air & Moisture Barrier - Sheathing Joints & Corners: Sto RapidGuard™
        5 Air & Moisture Barrier - Rough Opening Protection: Sto RapidGuard™
        6 Air & Moisture Barrier - Flashing and Penetration: Sto RapidGuard™
        7 Air & Moisture Barrier - Dynamic Joints and Seams: StoGuard® Transition Membrane
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        11 Basecoat: Sto Primer/Adhesive
        12 Masonry Veneer Adhesive: StoColl KM
        13 Primer: StoPrime Sand
        14 Grout: Masonry Veneer Grout
        15 Veneer: Masonry Veneer
        StoPanel MVES
        File Ref.# 0821-M

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