Custom Cast Resin Shapes

The StoCast products are flexible, prefabricated resin cast shapes. They celebrate original textures found in nature while integrating enhanced performance functionality. Sustainable, they are more lightweight and durable than their traditional counterparts, minimizing time and energy in transportation and installation and allowing for greater conservation of natural material resources.

StoCast Brick
StoCast Wood

Benefits of StoCast Resin Shapes

StoCast offers the beauty of traditional cladding materials combined with significant functional advantages and can be used with all Sto’s engineered wall systems.

Thinner and more lightweight than traditional claddings, StoCast significantly reduces energy used in manufacturing and transportation, in addition to reducing structural loads and waste. Safe to handle, they are silica-free.

Easy to Apply
Prefabricated StoCast shapes require no fasteners and are fast and easy to apply with minimal specialized training. They speed up the application process in both field or offsite construction.

Durable and Low Maintenance
StoCast products are made with Sto’s durable, UV resistant coatings and finishes, and will not warp, chip or effloresce like their traditional counterparts. Maintenance and recoating requirements are minimal.

Ideal for Multi-cladding Aesthetic Designs
When used with Sto’s engineered wall systems, StoCast products may be combined with traditional Sto finishes to achieve a variety of looks, without the need for complex transitions, ensuring the compatibility and continuity of all the building envelope’s control layers.

StoCast Brick

The beauty of brick in a more sustainable product

StoCast Brick is the ideal solution when the project calls for either a traditional or customized “classic” brick look.

  • Beautiful natural brick appearance
  • Flexible shapes to achieve unique designs
  • Proven performance with over 20 years of project use
  • 30 standard colors plus project-specific colors, patterns and textures
  • Significantly less energy used for manufacturing and transportation compared to traditional brick, no dust, and silica-free
  • Acrylic based bricks and mortar – reduced risk of effloresence
  • Preformed shapes are easy and fast to install, no special tools needed to cut the bricks
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StoCast Wood

A durable, realistic and low maintenance alternative to natural or engineered wood cladding

StoCast Wood offers an authentic wood grain texture and appearance and is the ideal solution when the project calls for a wood look.

  • 45 different grain patterns for a natural wood appearance
  • Flexible planks to achieve unique designs
  • Stain available in 15 standard colors, or coat with any of Sto’s high performance coatings
  • Reduced energy used for manufacturing and transportation compared to natural or engineered wood
  • Durable, reinforced acrylic planks – won’t chip, fade or warp
  • Preformed planks adhesively attached to the substrate – easy and fast to install without fasteners, easy to cut with cutters.
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